Travis and Sarah sketchily rumored to have broken up

If there’s anything Bachelor fans like more than watching a couple fall in love, it’s watching that couple’s relationship tear apart in public. And such fans of The Bachelor 8 had less than a day to wait for the news. Although the world officially learned that they were a couple, Travis and Sarah are now rumored to be no longer romantically linked.

A sketchy e.mail to blog Bricks and Stones is allegedly from, and I am not making this up, a friend of the person who babysits for a close friend of Travis’s sister. And that person, the friend of the sister’s friend’s babysitter friend, reports the following:

“the Bachelor and Sarah are no longer dating and that this whole process has made him realize that his former gf of 5 years is the woman for him. He and Sarah did date for a while and even went on several trips but just decided to be friends in the end. Travis is also in talks to be the new doctor for consultation on ABC shows (The View, etc). This info comes straight from his sister, the one who was on the show last night. You heard them mention Fort Worth, which is where I went to undergrad. My gf babysits for a close friend of the sister so she got all this knowledge relayed to her last night.”

And in the time that the information passed through all of those chains to be “relayed” to the friend, Travis and Sarah got back together and broke up three more times.

The Bachelor Update: You Be the Judge [Bricks and Stones]