Apprentice 5 comes in fourth place, loses viewers as the hour goes on

On its new night, The Apprentice did not do well on its first outing. The show came in fourth place in its hour, losing among 18- to 49-year-olds to The Bachelor 8 finale, 24, and sit-coms on CBS.

Its ratings were “down 13 percent versus a 4.6 for season four’s premiere last fall, when the show aired on Thursdays, and off some 46 percent from a 7.4 for the season three premiere,” according to Media Life Magazine.

Worse, as Media Life says, the show “lost viewers as the hour dragged on.” It averaged 9.9 million viewers during the first half-hour, and then 9.6 million during the second half-hour. That’s bad news, because it used to be the reverse, with people tuning in for the boardroom at the end.

The show’s lead in, Deal or No Deal, was watched by more people, but despite Donald Trump’s awkwardly humanizing appearance on that show, 11 percent of Deal’s viewers changed the channel at the top of the hour.

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