Jeff Probst reluctantly watches American Idol, doesn’t trust his mom with Survivor secrets

TVTattle has unearthed an intriguing interview with Survivor host Jeff Probst. In one he admits that he watches American Idol but hates it, and in the other he says he tells his former cast member girlfriend Julie Berry secrets about the show.

First, Jeff tells Broadcasting & Cable that basically the only other reality show he watches is American Idol. But he says that, “every time an episode ends, I go, Why did I just watch that?” He adds, “I get nothing from it! I’ll tell you what keeps me coming back–and that’s not true that I get nothing from it. What keeps me coming back is the chance that I might see somebody’s dreams come true.”

Asked if he ever gets “close to spilling the beans about who’s getting voted off,” Jeff says, “The only person I really confide in is Julie [Berry], who I met on the show, who is the love of my life.” He says that he cannot trust his mother, who is “in a [Survivor] pool with, like, 600 people. She always frames the question a little differently to go for the same answer. She’ll give this long, drawn-out question, couching it in this motherhood thing. The one person in the world you should be able to trust–your mother–I don’t.”

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