Survivor Panama starts stronger than Guatemala but loses the kids

Survivor Panama‘s debut was watched by 19.3 million people, enough to let the show win in its time slot. But although the show improved over one of last year’s editions, it’s still slipping, as it was down 17 percent from last spring’s debut of Survivor Palau.

Part of that is because “it faced stronger competition than it has seen in the past 18 months,” Media Life reports. That competition is named Dancing with the Stars, and the viewers watching CBS’ series were “only 8 percent higher than the 17.8 million ABC averaged that hour for the first 60 minutes of” its show.

Although it grew by 9 percent among viewers 18 to 49 over Survivor Guatemala, Survivor Panama “lost almost a quarter of its young-adult audience compared with last year’s Survivor Palau,” the LA Times reports.

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