Exile Island clue points to letters on a tree; Melinda voted out by annoying alliance

Bruce became the second person to visit Exile Island on Survivor Panama, after he was not selected to join a new tribe. Once there, he was given two clues to find the immunity idol: the clue Jeff Probst gave Misty last week, and a new clue that included a map indicating where the idol was not hidden.

But the most significant clue seemed to be in the way the first clue was written. While the text was exactly the same as what Jeff said to Misty, there was emphasis added:

…You also have a lot of time to think about “why” fate chose you to be the first one out here. Which is also “why” immunity is already so important.

Last week, sharp-eyed viewers noticed a tree that appeared to have a letter on it: the letter Y. And that Y appeared on a tree right next to Exile Island’s supplies. That would explain why the whys are highlighted — because it’s not why that matters, but y. Why? I have no idea, but perhaps similar letters on other trees spell out the location of the idol.

In other episode news, Melinda was voted out of one of the two new tribes after an alliance between Stupid Quitter Guy Shane, my new favorite person to loathe, and Stupid Yoga Energy Guy Aras, my other new favorite person to loathe, and two others decided that she should be ejected–even though Shane basically had a breakdown and decided to quit the game about six times, and did nothing but complain about the experience. Twelve seasons and still no one’s learned anything.

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