Skating with Celebrities improves on Arrested Development’s ratings by 183 percent

Skating with Celebrities may be dreadfully boring, and nowhere near as intelligent or funny as the show it replaced on Mondays (Arrested Development). But in its first outing on a Monday evening, the show earned ratings that improved “some 183 percent over the 3.5 million [FOX] averaged in the slot in December,” when Arrested Development aired in that timeslot, according to Media Life.

Among viewers 18 to 49, there was “a 94 percent improvement over the 1.7 [rating] the network averaged in that slot over four Mondays in December with a combination of ‘Arrested Development’ originals and reruns, and an episode of the canceled ‘Kitchen Confidential.'”

And those numbers represent a decline. Since moving away from its post-American Idol 5 timeslot, the show has lost viewers: down from 18.7 million in its debut to 10.8 million viewers last week, and 9.9 million viewers Monday evening.

The lesson here: Cheap, creatively dry knock-offs can succeed. And people are stupid.

So way way cool: ‘Skating with celebs’ [Media Life]