Santino defends his comments, saying he regrets only hurt feelings

The cast of Project Runway 2 reunited to pour hydrogen peroxide in raw wounds and bitch about one another. It was, however, a mostly uneventful reunion, with the most drama centering around Santino. After the other designers said how hurt they were by his comments in interviews, he said,

“I didn’t come on this show to make friends, I came on to win. … It means nothing really. It doesn’t matter. … That’s ridiculous. I mean, I look at the show, and I’m like, who the fuck is that? … I don’t regret any of it, and I don’t regret saying any of it. What I regret is the way that I made other people feel if it hurt their feelings, because my intention wasn’t to hurt their feelings.”

Also during the reunion, we learned that John Wade lost a significant amount of weight since the production taped last summer, and that Andrae’s breakdown on the runway actually lasted almost 10 minutes. As a clock showed the elapsed time, Andrae went on and on and on, probably while the producers had multiple orgasms about the great television that would result.

But by far the weirdest moment came when Tim Gunn asked Guadalupe a question from a viewer about the fact that she was eliminated despite Marla’s “plagiarism.” Guadalupe was apparently on another plane of existence, because her answer made no sense. “Have you guys all been drinking or something?” Santino asked, totally confused. The non-finalists had indeed had a few drinks before the Q&A began, reuniting first at a bar.

Tim repeated the question, and again Guadalupe basically spoke in tongues. She concluded by addressing the viewer by name: “And Erian, on national television, if you can get this, you fuckin’ rock, because you believe in what is true. Period.”

“This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I think I’ve heard in weeks,” Tim Gunn said. And that is why we love Tim Gunn.