Project Jay reveals Jay’s reason for not taking the prize: he wants his own “exclusive deal”

Jay McCarroll’s Project Jay special aired last night, and we finally found out why he rejected the show’s prize. At the beginning of the hour-long special, he said, “The bottom line is, I didn’t take the Project Runway prize money because I’m going to try to make an exclusive deal with a licensing company.”

The rest of the series didn’t make news, but it did prove one of my my assumptions true: Jay is the show’s biggest personality between both seasons, and he’s been missed. Just listening to the one-liners that he drops is enjoyable: “It’s god punishing me for being an atheist” “It’s so expensive, and I just pray that I get money from somewhere, even if I have to, like, sell my sperm or hook.” “No wonder why I can’t get laid. Because they’re like, that mouth is so small.” “I will do anything. I will give you babies,” he said to Kara Saun. Jay is totally made for TV, but the best part is, this is just who he is; he didn’t invent a persona for television.

It’s completely obvious that this should have been a series, not one hour, because each segment played like a summary of an entire half-hour episode. Still, there was plenty of Jay, and plenty of drama, particularly Heidi Klum’s appalling decision to drop Jay as her Emmy dress designer just a few hours before the Emmys. He and a colleague of Kara Saun’s were still working on the dress when they found out. It was viscous and bitchy and completely at odds with the Heidi we know on TV, and it was very real; Jay broke down after hearing the news (from someone other than Heidi).

Who knew that Heidi Klum could so cold and callous? She’s much more of a villain than Santino or Wendy Pepper could ever hope to be.