Project Jay and Project Runway 2 reunion both air tonight

We’re a week away from the start of the Project Runway 2 finale’s beginning, so that means tonight is the reunion. The pre-taped show will reunite the designers so they can bitch at one another, and maybe once and for all we can find out who drew the mustache on Wendy’s kid’s picture. Oh, wait, that was last season.

But speaking of last season, winner Jay McCarroll’s one-hour special Project Jay finally airs tonight, immediately following the reunion at 11 p.m. ET. (The show was supposed to air last fall, before the second season debuted.) This could be a big mistake, for two reasons: One, because it reminds us that not even Santino is as big a personality or as creative a designer as Jay, or two, because we no longer care about Jay and the season one cast.

In an interview with Time Out New York, Jay does his best to reinforce the second of the two possiblities. Once again, he refuses to say why he rejected the series’ prize, and also says he’s now annoyed with the attention. Specifically, he’s “sick of getting e-mails [about his progress] from fans” and Heidi Klum, who he says should “Shut up. Twat.” He adds, “I’m trying to distance myself from the show and to establish Jay McCarroll. Am I supposed to be more thankful for the process? I feel like I’ve given so much. You saw ten weeks of me. I showed you my family, my collection, my thought process, I cried, I laughed. And I didn’t receive a penny.”

The best way “to distance [oneself] from the show”? Tape a special, and then rip it apart so no one wants to watch. He says that his special originally “started off as eight shows, but they made it one really great hour. It’s a shame. I have an interesting viewpoint on life and the show is such a mush.”

Project Jay and Project Runway 2 [Bravo]