Kristin Cavallari’s UPN series Get This Party Started debuts tonight

UPN’s new series Get This Party Started debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET, and it’s probably most notable because it’s hosted by Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari. However, UPN didn’t trust Kristin enough to carry the series on her own, so Extra’s Ethan Erickson is her co-host. (Kristin tells TV Guide that this is a mere stepping stone: “I want to parlay this whole hosting thing into acting,” she says.)

Ethan and Kristin will watch “as an elite team of party planners to the stars … work with one special individual’s friends and family to surprise their well-deserving loved one with a very spectacular and extravagant event in their honor.” Tonight’s episode follows a party thrown for hurricane Katrina refugees whose daughter is turning 21. Tragically, the father, Charles, died three weeks after the show was filmed, The New York Post reports.

Despite the feel-good approach, critics don’t really like the series. The LA Times Paul Brownfield says the series is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with “Ugg boots,” and thus “another infomercial for instant gratification, in which the tacit sing-for-your-supper agreement between contestant and network is: Show us your appreciation, and we’ll show you the goods.” And The Boston Globe’s Matthew Gilbert says that Kristin is “surprisingly bland.”

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