MTV’s The Shop debuts tonight

MTV enters a barbershop for its latest reality series, The Shop, which debuts tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET. Mr. Rooney’s Barbershop is owned by Cory Rooney, a hip-hop producer, and its staff makes up the cast of the show.

The show “chronicles all the goings-on at Mr. Rooney’s — all the debates, the ‘yo momma’ jokes, the pseudopolitical commentary, and the wry observations,” the New York Times reported. “The barbers, while plying their trade, watch music videos and critique them, trade gossip and insults and informally interview celebrities who drop in.”

Those celebrities include stars such as “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Busta Rhymes and Bobby Brown [who will visit in future episodes,” The New York Daily News’ Richard Huff says, but “it’s not the stars that will make or break this show. In fact, they get in the way” of “the real barbers” as “their ongoing banter is what makes the show fun,” he writes.

The show is executive produced by Tony DiSanto, one of the executive producers of Laguna Beach, and he told the Times that he welcomes comparisons to the film Barbershop, “because it saves us exposition time. When it comes on, people will get the vibe already.”

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