Last Comic Standing 4 casting starts today; one comic will be selected by viewers

Last Comic Standing 4 begins its search for comics tonight with a stop at the Tempe Improv in Arizona. It then moves on to Austin, Chicago, New York, and Miami. While NBC’s casting page is next-to-useless, with its complete lack of information, but in a piece about the show’s casting directors, the East Valley Tribune notes that auditions are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and that each comedian is asked to “bring their best three minutes.”

Ross Mark, who casts the show along with Bob Read but didn’t work on season three, tells the paper that NBC “[was] so excited to do season three so quickly, they didn’t have a search — they just said, ‘OK, we’ll just put season one against season two, put it on the fall schedule, and hopefully the ratings will stay the same.’ Well, it didn’t.” The show is returning to its original formula for season four.

The new season will even feature a comedian selected by viewers. As part of “an online component, aspiring participants can submit their tape to where online voters will determine one comedian to join those found on the nationwide search,” an NBC press release said back in January.

As of now, though, there’s nothing on NBC’s web site yet about this, and the show’s old web site no longer exists. Apparently NBC is now challenging ABC for the title of “crappiest network web site.”

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