MTV plans three new series; FOX will air show that has an indefinite length

FOX is planning a show called Unan1mous that’s like an accelerated, meth-addicted version of Big Brother. Better, the show “could end after one episode or extend indefinitely.”

That’s because it “isolates nine contestants in a locked bunker, where they vote on which one of them will win a $1.5 million cash prize. The catch is that the longer it takes for them to decide, the less money will be available,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Among the contestants are “a minister, an atheist, a ladies’ man and a feminist,” and because this is FOX, any “of them could have secrets exposed that would influence the vote.” The series debuts March 22 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Meanwhile, MTV is adding three new shows to its schedule. Tiara Girls debuts in April and “documents the lives of beauty pageant contestants as they prepare for competition”; MTV Juvies debuts this “summer, [and] shows what happens to first-time teenage offenders in Indiana”; and Two-A-Days airs this summer and “follows a top-rated high school football team in Hoover, Ala., through their season as they chase the state championship.”

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