ABC cuts out Drew’s ass-covering sodomy joke from Dancing’s west coast broadcast

On Thursday’s penultimate episode of Dancing with the Stars 2, eventual winner Drew Lachey covered his ass, literally. But ABC cut that out of the west coast broadcast.

After a performance, judge Bruno Tonioli made a reference to Drew’s cowboy costume, and said, “Drew, you are ready for the lead in Brokeback Mountain: The Musical!” And then, as TVgasm puts it, “Drew quickly grabbed Cheryl’s cowboy hat and placed it over his ass.” (TVgasm also has screen captures of the moment.)

This apparent reference to sodomy–as in, I’m covering my ass so no one can penetrate it–“was cut from the West Coast feeds, where viewers hear Tonioli’s quip, but saw the audience’s response instead of Lachey’s,” as MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports. She asked ABC why they cut it out, and the network said, “We’re not commenting on that.”

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