Danny says Jodi hooked up with Alton and Adam on the same day

The New York Daily News’ Ben Widdicombe digs long and hard to find an item for his Gatecrasher column: he watched an two-month old interview with Danny on MTV’s Overdrive.

It’s an interview in which Danny bitches relentlessly about his fellow Gauntlet 2 cast members, and reveals who banged who. For example, he says, “Cara [‘Road Rules South Pacific’] has a boyfriend back home, but she was hooking up with Jamie [‘Real World New Orleans’] upstairs. They were [bleeping] away, they were having sex, and everyone knew about it.”

He also alleges that Jodi admitted to hooking up with both team captains on the same day. “‘I gave Alton a [bleep] and I just gave Adam a [bleep],'” he says she said. In the interview, Danny says Jodi told him that, between the two men, Alton has the bigger penis, although that does not show up in the New York Daily News’ pages.

The really funny part about this new Gatecrasher report is that the interview is from Dec. 26–and the column ran Feb. 24, almost two months later. Must be a slow week for the gossip. Also, since when is it news or gossip that members of every Bunim-Murray show hooked up with multiple cast members? After all, Widdicombe fails to report that Danny says in the interview that he’s hooked up with “only two” other cast members, and he says it with embarrassment because, since he doesn’t have a lot of gay male cast member options, it’s a comparatively low number.

They’re game, apparently [New York Daily News]