Derrell accidentally quits American Idol, but the judges invite him back

Fake Brokeback Mountain trailers have officially jumped the shark, as American Idol 5 ran its own Brokeback trailer last night. Either atoning for past sins or exacerbating them, the show aired its mock “Brokenote Mountain” trailer, which featured cowboy hat-wearing singers Garet Layne Johnson, Matthew Buckstein, Michael Evans. It aired before they all were sent home, and when Matthew hugged Garet and told him the most Brokeback line of all: “You go back to that ranch, and you come back next year. You didn’t let me down.”

But the real drama came from twins Terrell and Derrell, whose fate we already know. Although Simon said Terrell’s performance was “terrible,” Terrell was advanced to the next round. Derrell, too, was advanced to the next round. But he decided to lecture the judges. After being told he’d made it through, he said,

“Can I say something? I’m very disappointed. … I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity. But my spirit has been broken. I’m not going to crap on my talent, because I know that I have it. I did the American Idol because I was told that this was not the place for a person like me and my brother, and I beg to differ. This is the end of the road for me. I’m going to go home and me and my brother are going to get our album finished, all the music that we want to do, and then we’ll see you guys at the top.”

After he quit and left the stage, he told his brother, “Nobody will do that to you, I don’t give a fuck who they are.” Then his brother informed him that he had not, in fact, been sent home. Later, Derrell retook the stage, telling the judges, “I’m begging for your forgiveness. … I believe that me and my by brother has exemplified what it is to be a true American Idol before even hitting the stage.”

Simon, of course, wasn’t having it. “Now you can to listen to me. I am fed up over your hissy attitude. … You resigned publicly in front of them–I think this lot here are sick to death of you. … I’ll decide with Paula and Randy whether we want you back in this competition in 30 minutes. I don’t want to hear any more from you.” After that break, though, Simon inexplicably told them that “we’d like to invite you both to stay.” The brothers even made it through to the final 48, probably because they make such good TV.

And even if they make it to the top 24 tonight, we already know they’ll be booted soon enough.