Simon Cowell thought his nasty comments were off-camera

Simon Cowell’s controversial comments about auditioning contestants, particularly those who were effeminate men or fat people, were the fault of producers who kept the cameras rolling without his permission, he says. Cowell spoke about the comments, but didn’t actually address the fact that he said horrible things; instead, he likens them to private conversations with friends that he’s upset made it on the air.

Appearing on Good Day LA, Cowell said, “The problem is that, they left the cameras rolling this year. So, you know when you meet somebody in real life and they leave the room, and you say something — we all do it. That’s what’s getting me into trouble.”

He added, “I didn’t see the shows back until you guys saw them, and it’s like, hide under the covers.” When asked if he thought that his comments were okay, he told the reporter, “No, can you imagine if you left the cameras rolling on your show?”

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