Man who says he had sex with Clay Aiken wasn’t paid for his story, will tell all to Howard Stern

John Paulus, who last week told the National Enquirer about an alleged sexual encounter with Clay Aiken in a North Carolina hotel room, will appear on Howard Stern’s Sirius show Feb. 9 to tell the full story, and explain why he has come forward now. “I hope this will answer all the questions people have,” he told reality blurred exclusively.

Earlier today, I asked him why he told his story to the Enquirer, and what his motivation was behind revealing the alleged encounter. He said only, “I understand your question as to why and it’s one that many have asked. Answering that question would require me to go into many details that would be highly embarrassing and detrimental to the career of the person mentioned.” He will apparently give those details on Howard’s show.

Also today, Paulus tells Page Six that “he was not paid a cent for the story” that appeared in the Enquirer, and he won’t be paid for his Stern appearance either, he told me.

A real estate broker, Paulus says that telling his story has hurt his career. “I would estimate that I have lost $30,000 in commissions. Aiken is the most popular person from North Carolina since Michael Jordan,” he told Page Six. He also told Page Six that he’s considering appearing in an adult film reenacting his encounter. “I haven’t ruled it out,” he said.

Porn Show No ‘Idol’ Threat [Page Six]