John Paulus details his alleged “aggressive” encounter with Clay Aiken, has “regrets” for “hurting his fans”

John Paulus, the man who told the National Enquirer that he had sex with Clay Aiken, talked to Howard Stern this morning. During the 48-minute interview, John detailed the alleged encounter; both Marks’ Friggin and The Malcontent have recaps, and The Malcontent has posted the full audio, which is not even close to being work-safe, especially since Howard’s now on satellite radio.

Howard and Robin Quivers both challenged Paulus repeatedly, asking why he came forward. “Why do you feel you need to out him?” Howard asked. “People are entitled to their secrets, aren’t they? … How is Clay a hypocrite?” John replied, “He focuses on a lot of the Christians, on a lot of the women, and preaches about the Bible and so forth, and then, when you get him behind the scenes, he’s not that same person. He’s very cold, calculating, manipulative.”

Howard asked if he “had some moral dilemma outing Clay,” and John said, “I did have regrets, not necessarily for outing him, but for hurting his fans and other people, and you know, I struggled with it a few days afterwards.” Later, he said, “I asked him for an apology; that’s all I wanted.”

He wanted an apology because he says their encounter left him feeling “used.” John said that he was expecting to meet Clay to get to know him on the way to a possible relationship (a “discreet boyfriend”), not for a sexual encounter. “For a couple weeks he led me to believe that we were going to have a relationship, a friendship, he said he was looking for a discreet friend, somebody he could hang out with,” he told Howard. Howard Stern’s producer, Gary, said that he’s read the IM transcripts, and said “it doesn’t seem made up.”

In extraordinary detail, Paulus described their hotel room encounter, which he said “was an unpleasurable experience.” Although he was reluctant to discuss details, he ultimately told Howard that Clay’s penis “has distinguishable marks,” and someone joked that they were “Ryan Seacrest’s teeth marks.”

Paulus said that Clay interrupted a conversation to initiate sexual contact. “I pull my hand away and he grabs my hand, and he just becomes aggressive at this point.” He called it “a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario.” Paulus added, “I have to take responsibility, I could have stopped at any point.” But he said Clay was “pushing my head down — he’s a very aggressive person. … I could have walked away, I could have left, but I stayed there.”

Afterward, John says, “Now I felt like, he’s just used me for 90 minutes. … I felt humiliated, disgusted. I was disappointed in myself.” He said Clay refused to give him his phone number, despite the promise of a relationship, and said instead, “I’ll e.mail you, and take care of that,” pointing to the towel that was used for clean-up. Later, Paulus says, “I saw he was online again, cruising other people, and I sent him a message … and he read it and deleted it. … I’m a little upset with him. I started thinking all night, I’ve had unsafe sex with him, he’s back on the Internet cruising other people, he didn’t care about using condoms.”

John Paulus said he has heard from Clay since the encounter. “Initially, he was upset. But he says he’s praying for me, stay strong, sending me scriptures, keep quiet, don’t say anything. … I’ve heard from Clay himself asking me to be quiet. He told me that he wasn’t going to sue me,” Paulus said. Ultimately, Paulus said, “He hurt me.”

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