Real World Key West cast revealed; teaser video suggests they stayed through the hurricane

We’ve caught glimpses of The Real World Key West cast over the past few months, but MTV has finally officially revealed their identities. The cast is older (three are 23, one is 24, one is 22, and the others are 19 and 20), and although there were rumors of two gay cast members, only one is confirmed in their bio.

The cast includes Paula, who “is still connected to her abusive ex-boyfriend, and is battling body image issues”; Tyler, who we’re promised offers more “than his flamboyant acts of vanity, selfishness and martyrdom”; and Svetlana, the “crazy Russian chick.” There’s also John, who’s reflecting on his life because his “golden college years” and “glory days” have passed. He’s 23. Excuse me while I go open a vein.

MTV has also released a teaser video of the new season. Good luck watching it, though, because MTV’s web site is a piece of shit, and because some halfwit executive decided that Overdrive should only be compatible with Internet Explorer. Thus, the video is not viewable with any other browser, and doesn’t really work all that well in IE.

Plus, it’s kind of a lie. The brief preview splices together a lot of violent hurricane footage with audio of the cast screaming and fighting. At one point, footage of destruction is cut with them running down stairs, suggesting that they were literally in the middle of the storm(s) and running for their lives–not, as we know, partying safely in West Palm Beach.

Way to exploit the hurricanes to promote the 17th season of your creatively dead series, MTV.

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