The Bachelor 8 debuts tonight

ABC’s ancient reality series The Bachelor 9 debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET. The eighth season leaves the United States for Paris, where Dr. Travis Stork, a 33-year-old ER doctor from Tennessee, will select from a group of 25 women.

This time, producers found someone who wasn’t desperate to use the show for fame and attention, picking up Travis literally off the street. He literally almost turned them down. “Afterward, I said, ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ And then later that night I was talking to my sister, who’s a huge ‘Bachelor’ fan, and when she got wind of this she was actually a little upset that I didn’t plan on seeing it through, and she made me promise to do it, and soon after was on my way to Paris,” he told reporters.

Besides not being a fame whore, Travis is also not a whore whore, telling reporters, “In real life, I would never date 25 women at once.” But once he was forced to, he mysteriously says, “I’m really happy with the way things ended.” Hopefully, so will whoever manages to make it through the entire season.

The Bachelor [ABC]

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