Randal will start working for Trump in February, posts statement about the finale

Apprentice 4 winner Randal has posted a statement on his web site about the controversial finale. At the end of his post, he notes that, despite reports that he’s already gone to work for Trump, he “expect[s] to begin my assignment with Trump Entertainment Resorts in Atlantic City, NJ, sometime in February 2006.”

Randal says he wrote the statement about the finale, he says, “to offer clarification on certain issues stemming from the finale that have been misunderstood and misrepresented in the media, as well as to freely and formally express my conscience without having to package my words into succinct sound bites.” Thus, quoting from his statement sort of defeats the purpose, but that’s what I do; the link to the full statement is below.

During the last few minutes of the Finale, Randal writes, “Trump was soliciting my opinion on whether she should be crowned as an equal co-Apprentice, not hired for a runner-up job. Undoubtedly, this is the most prevalent misunderstanding from the finale. Second, I was not prepared for this question. Third, my response to Mr. Trump’s question was not, ‘No,’ but rather that ‘tonight’ he should hire one and only one as the Apprentice. Fourth and finally, I did not deliberately seek to ‘block’ Rebecca from a job with the Trump Organization out of spitefulness, as a result of her past behavior toward me, or simply to demonstrate toughness. Could I have stated my position more gracefully? Certainly.”

He adds that “nothing I said that evening suggested that I was opposed to giving her a job. The fact that I didn’t make this explicit created more controversy than I could have imagined at the time.” Randal says he “more than sufficiently distinguished myself as the decisive winner, which does not contradict the support or admiration I have previously expressed toward Rebecca.”

Addressing his critics, he says he “[has] yet to see a similarly convincing argument stating how Rebecca earned the right to be a co-Apprentice.It may not have diminished the victory in the eyes of certain members of the viewing public but, I submit, if you closely compare our performance on the show it should have. More importantly, it would have compromised my integrity.”

Clarification and Conscience [Dr. Randal Pinkett]