Phil Keoghan thought TAR 8 sucked; CBS exec says the season wasn’t “particularly successful”

Last season of The Amazing Race, we all know, pretty much sucked harder than something that sucks really hard. As it turns out, one of the people involved with the show agrees with fans who disliked the family season, which basically stayed inside the continental United States for most of the race.

Host Phil Keoghan told TV critics yesterday, “For me the race is really about faces and places, and I felt if you take the places away, you do lose something.”

Phil also noted that “starting the show by saying, ‘Teams must now travel 8,000 miles to South Africa,’ is always going to beat saying, ‘Teams must now travel eight blocks,'” according to the Edmonton Sun’s account of his appearance.

A CBS exec agrees that the season didn’t work, but doesn’t apologize for it. “We tried something; I don’t think we were particularly successful with it, but the interesting thing is sometimes you get criticized for not experimenting with a form. In this case we did. Our producers wanted to try something different, and we supported that,” CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said.

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