Accountant says Richard had her prepare return without his Survivor winnings, which he filed

During Richard Hatch’s trial yesterday, his accountant testified that he asked her to prepare a second tax return that showed what “his 2000 taxes look like if he hadn’t won $1 million on Survivor,” the Providence Journal reports.

Ultimately, Hatch filed that return, even though she Judi Rodrigues Wallis had him sign a statement saying, “This return is not intended to be filed and is simply for your information.” That filing “resulted in him claiming a refund of $4,483 instead of the $234,800 she had determined he owed. And it prompted an audit notice from the IRS,” according to the paper.

On cross-examination, Richard’s attorney “challenged her experience” and noted that she’d “entered into a written agreement with the federal government for [her] protection.” But “[p]rosecutors allege that Hatch did not furnish Wallis with the same income information that he provided to Plotkin,” Hatch’s first accountant.

Accountant ‘stunned’ by Hatch’s IRS filing [Providence Journal]