Software casts your American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Nashville Star votes for you

A new reality TV-related software package has been released, and it’s either the height of laziness or the most brilliant application of the first five days of 2006. Essentially, it casts your reality TV competition votes for you after you’ve ranked the contestants.

TalentVoter, a $24.95 program for Windows, “allows you to score the performers in various traits, tally the scores from week to week, and then automatically vote for your favorite(s)” on various competition-based reality shows. The categories include “current performance,” “voice,” “looks,” “personality,” and “star quality.”

The software comes pre-programmed, ready to dial the numbers for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Nashville Star, and other shows. It “makes the calls at the same rate as a telephone, redialing automatically for as long as you specify; thus freeing you from continuously hitting the redial button,” the press release says, so if you are too lazy to actually pick up the phone and press redial, this is perfect. However, the release doesn’t say if it is equipped to handle phone-number screw-ups on the part of producers or the host.

Lest the application sit on a hard drive unused during the summer and fall, “TalentVoter can track the complexities for other popular Reality Shows, such as ‘The Apprentice,’ and ‘Survivor,’ where voting is not part of the attraction,” so you can not only rank and judge people in your head, but also on screen.

New Software to Simplify Voting on “American Idol” [press release]