Preview may have revealed who’s out on next week’s Project Runway 2

The preview for next week’s episode of Project Runway 2 combined with the season preview shown after the first episode has potentially revealed who will be “out” next week.

Together, the two hold information that Livejournal user milkpony revealed in a post about last week episode (which, for the record, was a travesty, with plagiarist Marla staying and creative-but-off-kilter Guadalupe being eliminated).

Anyway, here’s the break-down, with key names in white so those who are spoiler-averse won’t start their weekend with a coronary:

Because of the season preview after episode 1, we know that Zulema must win a competition because it shows her asking the 3 models to do a “walk off” — I think that next week Diana and Marla will be given the boot as a pair leaving the winner as Zulema (w/ partner Kara).

Zulema will have to choose between the 3 models on the next challenge (Her own, Marla’s and Diana’s) and that is when she will have them do the walk off.

The reason I think it is Diana and Marla getting the boot is because we know that they are working together and in the Zulema clip (from the season preview) it shows everyone except Diana and Marla present.

My thoughts on the next episode [Livejournal projectrunway community]