Kevin Johnn allegedly takes credit for drawing mustache on Wendy’s kid’s picture

Ever since the first season Project Runway, there’s been a lingering mystery. During the postal uniform challenge, some committed an act of vandalism, drawing a mustache on a photograph of Wendy Pepper’s daughter. Wendy became upset and confronted the other designers, but no one would cop to the fake facial hair.

Among other suspects was Wendy herself, but the mystery was never solved. Until now, maybe. Two sources have alleged confirmation of the alleged perpetrator: Kevin Johnn.

Kevin Johnn was, you may recall, the low-talking, almost-whispering designer who was eliminated during the challenge before the postal uniform challenge. He reportedly admitted his guilt to a person at a party, according to blogger Just Jared. While that’s sketchy evidence alone, Kevin apparently admitted the same thing in a magazine interview late last year, which at least confirms the party report.

Expect the Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn-led tribunal reunion episode to air later this year.

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