Three shows debuted over the holiday weekend: Rollergirls, Flavor of Love, and Celebrity Fit Club 3

With 2006 came the debut of two new reality series, and a new season of an old show.

A&E’s anticipated new series Rollergirls debuted last night at 10. The first episode was, however, oddly coma-inducing. With a team named the “Putas Del Fuego,” drama including vandalism and drunken fights, a cast member named Venis Envy, and roller-skating action that has more violence than a WWE match, the show should have been an instant classic. But the first episode was dreadfully boring–at least until the roller derby action started. But even that was completely confusing way, and thus the excitement quickly faded.

Perhaps that’s the point, because the series is edited and shot more like a documentary than a reality show, and lacks urgency and tension. That feel has drawn others to the show; YuppiePunk’s review asks, “whether the documentary feel and the girls’ brash personalities will turn audiences away,” arguing that “the show’s first three episodes were much classier than we expected.”

Also this past weekend, VH1 kicked off a new Sunday Celebreality block. A third edition of Celebrity Fit Club led the way, followed by a brand-new show, Flavor of Love. The Bachelor format is so tired that I’ve yet to be able to watch the DVRed episode, but if anyone can resurrect a subgenre, it’s Flava. All three shows repeat throughout the week if you were face down in an alley somewhere and missed them.

Rollergirls [A&E]
Flavor of Love and Celebrity Fit Club 3 [VH1]