Contestant “lost half the hair on her head” after Fear Factor South Africa stunt

A contestant on Fear Factor South Africa “lost half the hair on her head, suffered a concussion and was badly bruised during [a] stunt, in which contestants were dragged behind a 4X4 over sand dunes,” Variety reports.

While some viewers complained,’s head of publicity Rhona Pool told Variety, “I’m amazed at the outrage. Everyone knows that the program is about fear, and when the same stunt was performed on an international ‘Fear Factor’ show, no one complained.”

The contestant, Lebo Babe, “wanted to continue, but we decided to heed the doctor’s advice,” Pool said. And Babe tells The Mercury, “It was only later that I realised that I had lost half my head of hair. I spent a week in hospital and took two weeks sick leave.”

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