Dancing with the Stars 2 favorite Stacy Keibler has an extensive background in dance

WWE star and Dancing with the Stars 2 contestant Stacy Keibler, who “cement[ed] her position as one of the contest’s favorites” this past week, as MSNBC called her, actually has a background in dance.

Stacy “began dance classes at age 3, studied ballet, tap and jazz extensively and was one of the original cheerleaders for the Baltimore Ravens,” the Long Island Press reports. “Also, her first job in the grappling profession was as Nitro Girl dancer Skye in 1999 on the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling’s main TV program, Monday Nitro.”

As the Press notes in its report, this information is part of her bio on ABC.com. Still, there are “the TV show’s inferences–that Keibler is some sort of prodigy”–that don’t seem to connect with her experience. At least one fan “felt it was ‘cheating’ that someone with so much dance training and professional experience would be labeled an amateur,” the Press reports.

An ABC spokesperson told the Press, “[Keibler] had taken ballet as a child, just like several other ladies in the competition. But ballet and what she’s doing now are completely different animals.”

The paper also asks about “the legitimacy of calling her a ‘wrestler.'” That’s because, as Pro Wrestling Insider’s Buck Woodward says, “She is a wrestler in that she works for a wrestling company and has wrestling matches. So, you could call her a wrestler. However, the term ‘WWE Diva,’ which is how WWE themselves would describe her, is much more fitting. Sometimes her job involves wrestling, but it more often involves looking good and portraying a character for the fans.”

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