WB spins off Beauty and the Geek show with dumb attractive guys and smart average women

The WB plans to flip Beauty and the Geek‘s format for another season of the series. The new show will feature “smart, ordinary-looking women and hunky, not-so-smart guys,” according to the LA Times.

Ashton Kutcher “told critics that a flip version of the show had been a longtime project of his, and he wanted to encourage the WB to buy it,” the paper reports. It will air during the 2006/2007 season.

One critic asked if this format work “given the widespread double standard among men and women.” In other words, can you really populate a show with ugly smart women and dumb hot guys? Average Joe has already tried the latter, but the former seems a bit more of a stretch. The WB’s entertainment president, David Janollari, said in response, “You don’t live in Hollywood, do you?”

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