Man says he had unprotected sex with Clay Aiken in a North Carolina hotel room

A 38-year-old man says he had unprotected sex with Clay Aiken in a North Carolina Quality Inn on Jan. 2. John Paulus, a former Green Beret, told his story to the Feb. 6 edition of the National Enquirer, which headlined its piece, “Clay is gay.” (It’s on page 10, and is not yet online.)

The paper says “Paulus passed a polygraph exam” and “provided copies of instant message conversations he claims he had with bachelor Aiken over a two-week period.” He also says he “has towels he says were used by Aiken from the sexual encounter which he claims contains the singer’s DNA.”

In the Enquirer piece, John Paulus says, “Clay told me that he just came out of the closet to his mother and a few close friends last year. He said she wasn’t too happy. He told me that he was single again, having broken up with his boyfriend about five months ago.”

He says that Clay communicated with him via IM, where Clay was known as “valleyprettyboy.” On Jan. 2, Paulus paid cash for a Quality Inn hotel room in Garner, NC, and says, “within five minutes, he started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg. We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it we were having unprotected sex. I was trying to justify to myself about having sex with a stranger by thinking that he’s a celebrity he must be ‘clean’.”

Paulus added, “He kept telling me, ‘We’re going to do this many more times.'” However, Paulus does not say why he’s coming forward now and telling (selling?) his story to the National Enquirer. Presumably, they did not have additional encounters.

The New York Daily News’ Rush and Molloy point out that, last week, Paulus said, “They couldn’t pay me enough to have my pics on the supermarket stand. I am not the type of guy that would make life difficult for anyone.”

If this story is true, does it even matter? A friend of John Paulus tells Page Six, “He is getting death threats from Clay’s fans. After his name was leaked on a couple of gossip Web sites, he’s been getting threats. But he’s also gotten calls from gay porn directors who want to cast him in a movie, kind of what happened after John Wayne Bobbitt got famous.”

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