Real World Chicago’s Chris promoting his book about alcoholism

The Real World Chicago‘s Chris Beckman has written a book about his struggle with alcoholism as a child and teenager. Save for its cover, whcih features Chris’ face, it may be the least self-serving reality TV star memoir yet.

Clean: A New Generation in Recovery Speaks Out, “is part autobiography, part addiction and recovery primer, and part wake-up call about what’s really going on in schools, cars, malls, and wherever else kids come in contact with drugs and alcohol,” according to the book’s jacket. It includes Chris’ story–he started drinking when he wsa 11–and “contributions from dozens of teens and twentysomethings in recovery.”

ABC News photoChris appeared on Good Morning America today to talk about the book, and’s story about his appearance has an interesting revelation: Chris is apparently serving as our attorney general, at least according to ABC News. The site has a photograph of Alberto Gonzalez with a caption that says “Former ‘Real World — Chicago’ star Chris Beckman wrote a book detailing his struggles with alcohol.” Or perhaps our attorney general previously was a gay Real World cast member with a history of alcoholism.

Update: Someone at ABC News caught on and updated the photograph, and Chris looks much more like himself now, rather than like a member of the administration.

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