Martha dismisses Jim, but he’s still on her Apprentice

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart finally dumped its most obnoxious (but entertaining) candidate last night, but he returned just minutes later. Ad executive Jim, who all but admitted that he was there to play a game and get camera time, not audition for a job, was dumped, finally, after interviewing with MSLO execs. That left Dawna and Bethenny as the final two, and Bethenny tragically selected him to return as one of her employees, so now he’ll appear on every single episode of the series. Someone may have gotten his wish.

The weird part about Jim’s dismissal was the way Martha said “goodbye” to Jim. The speech was clearly added in post-production, another of those obvious Trump-like fake ADR speeches. And the editing was bad, too, as it seemed like Jim’s firing may have been either more or less dramatic, forcing editors to play with footage. (Yahoo has the video.)

Martha started by telling Jim, clearly in a voice-over as we didn’t see her talking and the audio was different, “While I like someone having a creative spark, you’re a loose cannon, and you’ve managed to alienate a lot of your teammates.” Then we saw her actually tell him that he could be a liability, and talk about his lack of understanding of the company. Then the footage cut to Jim and the audio changed again as Martha said, “And here at MSLO, I cannot tolerate that sort of behavior. You’ve played it your way, and now I’ll play it my way. The game’s over Jim. You’re out of here.”

During this, Jim was sitting and looking down at the table, almost bored, as if that footage was filmed during a break and not actually when he was fired. Before he acknowledge being fired, the editors cut back to Martha saying “goodbye,” and then Jim stood up, looking more animated than he had just a second before. It was all very, very strange.

The best part, though, came in Martha’s letter to Jim; in it, she wrote the understatement of the year: “My best wishes to your patient family.”

Video: Martha to Jim: Goodbye [Yahoo]