As debate about the finale continues, Randal says he’s “satisfied with the decision I made”

As debate rages about last night’s finale, The Apprentice 4 winner Randal Pinkett says that he is content with his decision last night to not recommend that Rebecca be hired as well. He tells Black Enterprise,

“I’m satisfied with the decision I made and I’m pleased with the arguments I presented. As I said last night, ‘in a competition there is only one winner.’ You wouldn’t ask the gold medalist in the Olympics to share with the silver medalist. Unfortunately for those that wanted to see a double hiring or see Rebecca win, I ended up being the bearer of bad news. However, at the end of day all I did was give Mr. Trump my recommendation. It was ultimately his decision to not hire Rebecca.”

Trump’s decision to ask Randal was, many think, completely unfair, especially since he asked after naming Randal the winner, rather than just hiring both. Still, some fans of Randal’s seem to be disappointed by his decision because it didn’t seem to fit with his selfless behavior throughout the entire season.

In her TV Watch recap for Entertainment Weekly, Whitney Pastorek offers perhaps the harshest criticism yet: “Randal might be ‘the’ Apprentice, but he is not mine. And while I know many of you will disagree with me here, I think there’s a special place in hell for him, right next to Cindy from Survivor, who opted to keep a car for herself rather than give cars to her four opponents,” she writes.

Others think the fact that Trump asked his first black apprentice to share the title was a demonstration of persistent racism in the United States. The Palm Beach Post’s Kevin Thompson writes that Randal “didn’t want to turn The Apprentice into some Hollywood buddy picture — you know, black guy sharing top billing with a white co-star just because narrow-minded studio execs don’t believe a black star will generate enough box office. It was Randal’s moment to shine after a mentally exhausting 13-week job interview and he wasn’t about to pass up that opportunity.”

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