Amazing Race 8 finale down 31 percent from last season’s finale in key demographic

The least surprising news of the week is that CBS’ Amazing Race 8 was not quite a ratings hit. Among viewers 18 to 49, the people advertisers drool over, the finale dropped 31 percent compared to the finale of Amazing Race 7, the season with Rob and Amber.

Overall, the show “averaged a 4.2 overnight rating among 18-49s through 11 episodes this season, off 21 percent versus the Rob and Amber season,” Media Life Magazine reports.

Media Life blames the lower ratings on the fact that “the challenges weren’t as exciting as past editions” (unquestionably) and says that viewers “also did not like having kids on the show, a frequent gripe about reality TV” (um, not so much. The kids were the best part, asshats.).

Still, not all was lost. The finale “was the highest-rated of the season, and up 24 percent from the 3.7 overnight rating the show had averaged over its previous three episodes,” and “it also helped CBS finish first for the night among 18-49s.”

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