Linz kids giving half their prize to their parents, splitting the rest with siblings

The Linz family may have amused us with their occasional (okay, frequent) stupidity, but they’re proving that their niceness trumps all. They ran the race and had fun with it, and now they plan to give most of their $600,000 prize (the after-tax take-home amount) to their family.

Half will go to their parents, and then they’ll split the rest with their three brothers. That means that Nick, Alex, Tommy, and Megan will each only receive around $43,000, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer’s math. “We may be getting a fresh start now with the (prize) money. But our parents have paid for so much, taking care of seven kids. … We’re giving them half of the money, and that doesn’t add up to half of what they’ve spent on us,” Alex told the Enquirer.

Even their mother, Terri, is surprised and impressed by their actions. “Bless their hearts. But I don’t know they should do this. My children worked so hard on the show for the money. They all have really significant college loans. But it was pretty cool to hear that they’ll share with their brothers. I’ll never forget that.”

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