Danni Boatwright wins Survivor Guatemala

Danni Boatwright won Survivor Guatemala last night, beating Stephenie LaGrossa, whose second appearance on the show was far more lucrative than her first appearance. Steph made it to the final two and won $100,000, although she lost the respect of the jury.

Even though Danni was the underdog, outnumbered after the merge, she played well, encouraging Steph and Rafe to turn against their own alliance and winning the right immunity challenges, including the final endurance challenge.

Just like last season, we have no idea how many votes Danni received; Jeff Probst revealed just five, one for Steph and four for Danni. Presumably, that means that she won six, since otherwise Jeff would have showed more votes for Steph. Rafe voted for Steph after Danni took Steph to the final two instead of him, even though he’d stupidly released her from their alliance.

Almost as surprising as Danni’s win is that she “appeared in the 1992 Miss Teen USA Pageant and the 1996 Miss USA pageant and on ‘Star Search’ as a spokesmodel contestant,” as the AP reports.

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