Who is the sexiest reality TV star of 2005?

Next week, I’ll publish the first of my annual year-end pieces wrapping up the best of reality TV and anointing the biggest reality TV whores of 2005. But since everyone else is already publishing year-end content, even though we still have 15 days to go this month, I think it’s time to start the year-end fun early, and to do that, I’m asking for your help.

We all know that we often watch reality TV for the eye candy, and it’s better to acknowledge it than to pretend that we’re just really fascinated by the t-shirt Trishelle is wearing or the type of jeans Phil Keoghan wears. So with that, I present the inaugural reality blurred Sexist Reality TV Stars of 2005 Award.

Nominations are now open for you to tell me who you think are the sexiest or hottest reality TV show cast members from this past year. Your nominees must have actually been on a reality show that aired during part or all of 2005. (Thus, a 42-year-old MTV Challenge cast member is eligible, but a Survivor Vanuatu cast member is not.) Anyone may vote, although you’re only allowed a maximum of two votes, one for a guy and one for a girl. Ironic votes are welcomed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usThe best part: One ballot, selected at random by me from all entries received, will receive two free calendars: The 2006 Sexiest Men and Women of Reality TV Calendars, which would look great on your wall or as a gift for your favorite reality TV whore fan. They’re full of half-naked photos of reality TV stars, including some photos we’ve heard about before. As an added bonus, the women’s calendar will be autographed by The Real World Los Angeles‘ Beth Stolarczyk, who created the calendars.

Ready? Send me an e.mail message with “sexiest contest” in the subject line, and include all of the following information:

  1. The name and show of one female nominee.
  2. The name and show of one male nominee.
  3. Any horny or bitchy comments you’d like to make about your nominees, which may be published, attributed to your first name and last initial.
  4. Your real name and a working e.mail address (required only if you want to be considered for the contest).

Entries must be received by Monday, Dec. 19, at noon ET, unless I decide to arbitrarily extend the deadline. Also, all decisions made by me are both awesome and final. If you win, the calendar will be mailed to you, but you’re responsible for everything else, such as thanking me profusely and for paying taxes, especially if you won Survivor.