Two more designers sue claiming Project Runway was their idea

Last month, a man sued the producers of Project Runway, claiming the idea for the show was his. Now, two more designers are doing the same thing. (How long before all three sue each other?)

Yesterday, a judge “denied an application for a temporary restraining order that would have prevented the show from airing,” citing the ads Bravo had sold for the show. But lawyers for Cynthia Rodriguez and Elizabeth Marie Anne Zwiebach will meet today to discuss their “claim [that] they hatched the idea in February 2003 and pitched it to agents representing Heidi Klum in July of that year,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Their show was called American Runway, and they say “they copyrighted their 40-page treatment for the show and registered it with the Writers Guild of America in March 2003,” WWD reports. Rodriguez told the site, “What we’re hoping to get out of this is the recognition that this is our copyrighted property, and also some kind of monetary compensation.”

Memo Pad: Project Runway … Ex Officio [Women’s Wear Daily]