Nashville Star 4 will be hosted by Wynonna Judd and Cowboy Troy

Nashville Star will, once again, have new hosts once its fourth season debuts this spring. Replacing season three host LeAnn Rimes, who replaced seasons one and two hosts Nancy O’Dell, will be Wynonna Judd and Cowboy Troy.

Executive producer H.T. Owens doesn’t mention the ostensible firing of LeAnn Rimes, who as recently as Friday gave an interview in which she didn’t correct an interviewer who suggested she is the host of the show. Owens tells the AP, however, that the new hosts are bigger stars. “This is a real coup. With Wynonna and Troy it gives us a bigger star quotient. It adds excitement to the show,” he said.

Judd tells the AP, “I’m at a stage in my career where I know I have something to offer. I’ve been on the road half of my life. I love the idea of being able to share this wisdom.” She also says she has high hopes for the series: “I’d love to see somebody young who comes onto the scene and kicks the door wide open to the next big thing.”

Judd, Cowboy Troy to host ‘Nashville Star’ [AP]