A&E considering Growing up Gotti spin-off

A day after announcing the cancellation of Growing up Gotti, A&E says it’s considering a spin-off of the show.

A&E executive Nancy Dubuc told the New York Post, “We’re going to look for opportunities to continue our relationship with Victoria and the boys. We’re spending a lot of time talking about what the next appropriate show might be.”

Victoria Gotti was a bit more specific, saying, “We’ve been kicking around different ideas. One is about the boys being grown up.” She adds that they’re both sad and relieved that the show is over for now: “We’re tired, but we loved doing it. We had an absolute ball doing the show — even the kids who had to put in these tough schedules, as much as they complained, kids are going to be kids and they loved it.”

All of this, of course, begs a huge question: Why cancel the show if you essentially want to bring it back in a slightly different form? I mean, it’s not like that kind of move would renew interest in the show or get people to write about it again.

A&E Axes ‘Growing Up Gotti’ and Vicki Moans, ‘It’s Like a Death’ [New York Post]