Trading Spouses’ Marguerite immortalized in merchandise

FOX’s Trading Spouses found its first star last week when it aired the second part of its second season finale. Marguerite Perrin, who according to FOX “says that she can hear God and is in constant communication with him,” had a meltdown that rivaled all of those we’ve seen before. “They’re tampering with the dark side. This is tainted. I am a God warrior, and I don’t want anyone tainted doing anything with my family!” she screamed. (iFilm has the video if you missed it.)

After the episode aired, she told the New York Post, “As soon as I hit the door of my house, I wanted to talk to my family and I was about to explode. As much as I kept telling myself, ‘wait until the camera crews leave,’ I could not hold it anymore. I just wanted the camera crew out and that’s what happened.” Sounding sort of normal, she says “it’s okay” if people think she’s crazy, adding, “I’m hoping once they see the show, they’ll see that I’m a real person and I’m just raw and what you see is just who I am and that’s just the way it is.”

Her freak-out was only the beginning. In addition to being featured on VH1’s Best Week Ever and on every blog that ran the video clips FOX cleverly distributed, she’s already become instantly immortalized and commercialized.

For starters, someone has created a Marguerite bobble-head doll, and they are auctioning it off on eBay. The figure even talks, as it “features actual clips of Marguerite’s meltdown from the show.” Also on eBay are You’re All Dark-Sided t-shirts and buttons with her sayings on them.

But perhaps most incredibly of all, someone remixed her rant with music from a Casio. Brilliant.

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