God Warrior Marguerite Perrin has a sense of humor even though people harass her

Later today, the eBay auction for the Marguerite “God Warrior” bobblehead doll will end; as of 8 a.m. ET, the high bid was $810.

The woman immortalized in the doll, which was created by John Hill of Orlando, thinks its funny. So she autographed a photograph of herself holding a picture of the bobblehead that’s now a part of the auction. In addition to signing her name, she signed the photo “God Warrior,” in quotes. The God Warrior, it seems, has a sense of humor about herself. She’s also rather introspective and intelligent in the interviews she’s given after her televised freak-out, and admits that making the transition has been difficult for her and her family.

“When my family watched the show this last week, instead of seeing the humor that everybody else saw and all the Psycho Mom, they cried,” She tells the LA Times. “I didn’t cry at my party but I cried when I got in my bed because it was very sad to me to see me so upset. It was very sad for the world not to see Marguerite Perrin happy because my friends and family know me like that.”

The paper reports that she’s also been harassed, as “strangers have been calling her house at all hours, yelling ‘Gargoyles’ and ‘God Warrior!’ when she answers, and showing up at her house in the middle of the night. Twice she has had to call the police.”

Why did she do the show in the first place? To try to get “the money to pay for a gastric bypass operation she has been wanting for five years.” Although she tore up the money on-air, the paper reports that Perrin has since “called producers to ask for her share.”

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