Biggest Loser 2 concludes tonight; doctor says weight loss only comes from diet and exercise

The Biggest Loser 2 concludes tonight at 8 p.m. ET with a two-hour finale on NBC. Matt, Seth, and Suzy will be weighed in one last time, and the person who has lost the greatest percentage of weight will win $250,000. The first hour will catch up with all of those eliminated from the show, one of whom will win $100,000 for having lost the largest percentage of weight loss.

TV Guide talks to the final three contestants, all of whom are in their 20s, and finds that Suzy got LASIK eye surgery and Matt cried frequently because the show forced him into sobriety. Seth, who’s the youngest at 24, has upped his calorie intake to maintain his new muscle mass.

Wondering how it’s possible for the contestants to drop so much weight so fast safely? I talked to one of the two doctors who works on the show as a consultant, and he revealed that it’s all about diet and exercise. They cut their calorie intake by 1500 calories per day and then exercise for three hours every day, according to Dr. Michael Dansinger; he says “It’s hard to do by yourself, but on the show it’s easy to do.”

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