Markus says his “reputation has been decimated” as a result of “libelous” editing

Markus Garrison, who was fired from The Apprentice 4 last week, says his potrayal has damaged his reputation. Earlier, Markus offered point-by-point rebuttals of the first two episodes on his web site. And last week he challenged Trump to a debate.

Now, he tells the New York Post’s Lloyd Grove, “My reputation has been decimated.” He also e.mailed the show’s psychologist, Liza Siegel, claiming “the intentionally libelous method of editing has resulted in the public’s belief that I am an idiot…not to mention mentally ill….I do not intend to be [Mark Burnett Productions’] cannon fodder without a spirited fight.”

Producer Mark Burnett told Grove, “Essentially Markus was fired for talking too much, and clearly he hasn’t shut up yet. I have never commented on the editing of my shows, but having seen all the footage we have of Markus, it could have been a lot worse.”

And although Trump admits he “[doesn’t] do the editing….My opinion is that Markus was treated accurately.”

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