NBC lawyer threatens Apprentice cast members who talk to the media

The 18 Apprentice 4 cast members have received a warning from NBC’s lawyers telling them to shut up or else they’ll find themselves as part of the concrete slab at one of Trump’s new buildings.

The message, obtained by the New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove, threatens contestants who talk to the media or complain about their portrayals with the fines defined in their contracts. The lawyer, Lee Straus, e.mailed the following to the cast members, specifically mentioning Markus and Jennifer W.:

As you may know, two ‘Apprentice’ participants have recently spoken to Lloyd Grove of the Daily News alleging that they were portrayed unfairly in the program. These actions constitute a serious breach of the Applicant Agreement. … which provides (in part) that you may not discuss the program publicly or reveal information regarding the show without MBP’s and NBC’s consent. … MBP and NBC are entitled to receive liquidated damages of $5 million, any income you may receive in connection with your breach, and any attorneys’ fees that MBP and NBC incur in enforcing their rights. This is obviously not a pleasant prospect.”

NBC dumping on any Trump grumping [New York Daily News]