Bobby Jon says one cast member “still may have a shot” at winning

Bobby Jon Drinkard, who was voted off of Survivor Guatemala Thursday, has told a journalist that he thinks one contestant “still may have a shot at the series’ top prize,” the Grand Rapids Press reports.

When he was voted of, Bobby Jon became the first member of the jury. That means he knows who the final two people are, since he had to vote for one of them. And because Bobby Jon’s strengths lie in places other than inside his skull, it’s certainly possible he’s revealing something big without realizing it.

Or, maybe he’s just playing us. Either way, highlight below and read his specific comments at your own peril:

Gary’s a second version of Tom Westman. He’s had a lot of life experience, like Tom, and he’s a thinker, and thinkers often win. … He was in the NFL for years in a high-pressure environment. He has a lot of comebacks, and he can come back again.

‘Survivor’ castoff thinks [spoiler?] has a shot at win [Grand Rapids Press]