Project Runway producers sued by man who says the show was his idea

A man says the producers of Project Runway stole the idea for the Bravo show from him. Joel Lamontagne “claims he pitched a show called ‘America’s Fashion Designer Search’ to a producer with Los Angeles-based Project Greenlight in February 2003,” the AP reports.

The suit claims “producer Tony Yates asked to see the material but ultimately told him the company was too busy with other shows. … The suit contends that Project Greenlight developed the show for Miramax Films, which then sold it to Bravo and NBC Universal. Yates and all three companies are named in the suit. The suit also names sponsors, such as The Gap, Banana Republic, Elle Magazine and L’Oreal,” according to the AP.

His lawyer says he wants “tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Man sues over Bravo show ‘Project Runway’ [AP]