Laguna Beach’s second season ends tonight; LC gets her own spin-off show

Get out your Kleenex and sedatives, for tonight the second season of Laguna Beach comes to an end. Since production on the third season is only in the early stages, it’ll be some times before our wealthy teenage friends continue to use our televisions as a stage upon which to act out their awkward social dances with empty dialogue.

Whether you’re a teenager, an underage fan lamenting the fact you can’t get into a nightclub where the cast is appearing, an obsessed sophomore at the University of South Dakota, one who hopes you’ll get into a car accident that features both Talan and Paris Hilton, or a cubicle-dwelling 30-something who lives vicariously through the carefree cast, the finale will bring joy and happiness. And we’ll also apparently learn who will be featured next season. The fun starts at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Fans of L.C., aka Lauren Conrad, will be thrilled with MTV’s decision to spin off her own show. The Hills will follow L.C. “as she moves to Los Angeles, goes to college and works as an intern at Teen Vogue,” the New York Post reports. Executive producer Tony DiSanto says the series “is the story of Lauren from ‘Laguna Beach’ bursting out of that bubble, moving to L.A. and trying to juggle school, a career and relationships — you’re going to get a good mix of the three different avenues of her life and how she’s trying to keep it all together.”

It will be shot like Laguna Beach and its soon-to-come sibling series 8th & Ocean. No word yet as to a debut date for either series.

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